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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Beautiful Spring {Joules Review}

I was contacted by this wonderful British Country brand (that just opened their website for the US) called Joules, about their Joules Little line for boys and girls. I thought the outfits were so adorable that I asked for one for Ariel to review.

They arrived on Monday and let me tell you Ariel was so excited that she insisted on putting everything on as I opened it!

Since Spring was still being a little slow on showing up here, I'm glad that I had thought ahead and gotten Ariel some tights. She is in loved with the boots been wearing them all week! Though I followed along with their size guide I think Ariel could have gotten a size bigger, but once she wore the outfit for a while it loosen up (also will look so cute in the summer for a bathing suit cover up). The sweater fit perfectly, so did the boots. She's just tall so I should have known to ask for a bigger size but it still fits her fine.

I did two shoots with her in the outfit, one at home before taking AJ to school and the other down at the Waterfront after dropping AJ off to school. I thought it would look cute with the nautical theme to her dress.

As you can see she was able to move around with no problem in the outfit, which is very important to me because my kids are definitely explorers. The boots are great for the Springtime muddy ground, and for jumping. She was completely comfortable and we got many compliments on how cute her outfit was.

Disclosure I was provided these items for review, all opinions and photos are mine.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kids at Play

Caution: Kids at Play

My kids are always playing, always making believe, or doing something silly. Yesterday we went from Princesses to Pirates then Faeries. I love they're imagination, it's amazing. AJ will take a show or a game and then making this elaborate imagination game.

It is very rare to find the Faerie kids not in motion. They are almost always moving. Even in their sleep! They may watch TV for a few minutes but then they run around like manics. Ariel has a fierce belief in her wings, she keeps trying to make them work.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


So you may have noticed some changes in how I've been online and in real life if you know me other than on the interwebz. You may know that my fiance dumped me, after moving to Texas, where me and the kids were suppose to go too. You may know how much this hurts me, how deeply it shattered my heart, how lost it made me feel since it changed some big plans in mine and my kids' lives.

What you probably don't know (unless you know me in person) is that we had both decided daycare fees were too much and wouldn't make it worth me getting a job outside of the house. That we had sold my car to save money after having our daughter, meaning since he moved to Texas I have to borrow a car or bum a ride to get anywhere. Including doctor appointments for the kids, and my therapy appointments. That I put my kids needs and wants before my needs. That if I have to choose between toys for my kids or shampoo for me I get them the toy. True I do have a Starbucks habit and I do smoke, but I don't go out, I always have at least one of the kids with me, I don't party, I buy myself stuff (majority of what I wind up getting for myself is freebies I find online). I do this cause I rather my kids be happy, and cause I thought we were saving up for me and the kids to move to Texas to be with my fiance.

Then I found out that he had already gotten his own apartment, and hadn't told me. I found out through Facebook. It took me 4 days of pleading through text and voicemails for him to finally tell me he doesn't love me anymore. This is not the first time we had broken up, but it will be the last.

I was going to move across the country, I loved him, I would have followed him anywhere cause when I looked in my heart I saw him. But now I can't trust him anymore.

After breaking up with me he lied to me for weeks, lied and flat out ignored me when I asked about our tax refund. Since we weren't married but I am a stay at home mom (I didn't make enough last year to file myself) he claimed not only our daughter but me as dependents. Out of what we got back I asked for $1000, for the kids. At that time I asked we were still engaged and I thought he was saving money for us to move down with him. Even after we broke up I still said I would take only $1000 so he could pay off some bills, why cause I'm nice and I still loved love him and wanted him to get out of debt.

He spent the entire tax refund. On what I have no idea. Nor do I really care. The fact remains that it's gone.

I want to make very clear that, that money was for the kids. For Ariel and AJ.

That money was go to for:
  • new car seats (their are old and grimy)
  • a new stroller (ours is old and grimy and a little broken)
  • summer clothes for the kids
and most importantly
  • to take Ariel on a trip to PA because she was going to be a flower girl in my friend's wedding.
If, if, there was money left over I was going to get a 50mm lens since it is a better lens for portraits which is what I do for a living.

I had to regrettably tell my friend to ask someone else to be her flower girl, I felt bad cause she was looking forward to having Ariel be in her wedding. I'm still hoping I can go down for the wedding.

He "says" that he is saving up to replace what he owed me, but wouldn't answer when I asked how much was saved. Our cell bill wasn't paid and the phones got shut off. Since it's seeming like I can't really trust him I went and got my own cell phone line. He did send his "child support" but since part of me giving him a break and not going through the courts was that he was suppose to pay the cell bill on time.

Basically I don't mind if he or anyone else wants to screw me over, I'm a grown up I can deal with it, but I will not deal with someone screwing over my kids. I will not deal with someone, especially one of their fathers essentially stealing money from them.

Now for the help part. I need money, yes I'm working on increasing my income. But I do need to get them the car seats, and now I need to involve a lawyer in order to get my share of the tax refund I was suppose to get for the kids. I also have to file for child support with the courts since I will be honest I was surprised (and relieved) when he sent Ariel's child support and that shouldn't happen. So no more miss nice girl. This girl is going to take him to court to get what is owed for her child.

SO I would appreciate tremendously anything if you could donate. A dollar, a penny, it doesn't matter it all adds up. And if you truly can't donate (which I completely understand) please share this post.

Also I won't be offended or upset in the slightest if you simply don't want to donate. I know its a big thing to ask, and I know it's not the normal thing to do, so no worries. This is just my swallowing my pride for my kids part of getting the funds together.

I will also be adding any money I make to my ultimate goal.

I will also accept any legal advice through my contact form.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Faeries of the Night

I do not blame my kids for being up at night
For we are children of the night
Our dreams are filled with faeries and wilds
We live under the moon our mother
We drawn to the quiet times of the world
When waking minds sleep
And the subconscious speak
We are children of the night my kids and I
We are faeries in our own right
Spun for shadows and moonlight

Poem by Me  =)

 Image: Night Faeryby ~vivenaishide

Friday, March 1, 2013

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yeah I'm a Crap-tastic Mom Too

So I kept seeing a few of my fellow bloggers popping up with post saying they are a crappy mom, it all started with Jen from Life with Levi and Trisha from MomDot, and this photo from Granola Babies.

Now if we're friends on Facebook, then you know I posted this photo too. And I've been wanting to do my own post, blame my lovely cold for taking so long.

I'm a crap-tastic mom.

I'm a mom 24/7.

I'm a great mom most of the time, a good mom part of it, and a lousy one sometimes.

My kids have different dads.

I was a single mom.

I breastfed and formula fed both my kids.

I delayed starting solids.

I follow a regular doctor told vaccination schedule.

I co-sleep, as in co-bed.

My daughter has never had a crib.

My son is covered in bruises, cause I let me climb, jump, run, fall, slide, etc to his hearts content.

My kids have more toys than they know what to do with.

I buy them dollar items for being good in the stores.

I never say no to books. Unless I have no money.

I let my son wear dresses are shirts, pink ones at that.

I let him leave the house with his shoes on the wrong feet and pants backwards cause he dressed himself.

My son steals my daughter's baby dolls, she steals his trucks.

I don't do girls and boys toys.

I yell more than I would like to.

I'm not always as patient as I should be.

I let the kids wander around the house in diapers if we aren't going anywhere.

I make the kids pick up their own messes.

I smother them with hugs and kisses every chance I get.

I use disposable diapers and wipes.

My son's favorite movie is Tangled and I think that's awesome.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Flowers and frogs oh my

Summer is starting to wind down, just a bit. Not that it means anything for my kids since they are too young for school. But it does mean the days are growing hotter, then colder. I've cherished this summer with my little ones. Ariel being old enough to actually go do things, AJ growing and changing.

All in all, I would say it was a pretty good summer. The younger me might have thought it was a drag, being broke and not having my own car (and to be honest at some points I thought the same thing). But really it was fun. I've spent time with my kids, my friends. We've played outside, in the sprinklers, with sidewalk chalk. Picnics and parties. Pools and lemonade. We have a few things left to do but all in all it was a great summer.

And we still have one more month of it. Few things that we are definitely going to try and do is a drive in movie, a day at the beach, camping in the backyard, and a favorite from my younger days SUN TEA! (There might be some lemonade too.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I was going to do a post about something but it's too hot to remember

AJ had his very first weekend over at his dad's new house. Ariel went to her dad's. And what did I do you ask? I went home and climbed into bed with 103 fever. Thank you strep throat! Actually thank you antibiotics for making the strep go away. Anyways I spent my first taste of kid freedom home sick in bed. I didn't even sleep late.

So Amanda what else have you been up to? You must be wondering cause I haven't been over here much or on my twitter for this page. I've been focusing a lot of my limited attention on Moon in a Cup. Which also means I've been tweeting from FaerieBarista.

Besides that I've just been being me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

cough cough I'm dying

So technically I'm not dying but I did have a wicked case of strep throat. I'm still hanging around. Feeling better and better each day.

In the meantime here's some photos of my crazy kids and my belly dancing coin belt. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Splish Splash ... way to cool down when you don't have a pool

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I think someone finally grew up

So if you've been reading this blog for a while, then you know all about my love/hate relationship with AJ's dad. I love him as a friend, but I hate him with how he was acting about having a kid.

Well he is home on leave and it looks like active duty might have finally made him grow up. I'm shocked, amazed, and happy. Not even just for AJ's sake but he does have a wife and daughter.

Anyway I talked with him about the whole child support thing. Being on TA in NY and receiving child support sucks! Basically they screwed me over and made the obligation amount $50 (a month) and at one point while I was still on TA I was only getting the $50 a month but AJ's dad was paying $600 a month! That was more than I was getting in TA! What sort of sense does that make?

Anyway .... all of us met up tonight to talk about and let AJ and his sisters play. His dad wants to not only up his child support but he wants to pay more than the required 17% of his income, and he wants to start doing the visitation again. Not only that but wants to know if his wife can still take AJ while he's away on active duty. Which is fine by me cause I want him to have a stable life with his dad.

I couldn't believe what was coming out of this guy's mouth. I was like wait is this the same guy that wanted me to abort AJ? I guess we are constantly surprising each other. I remember telling him once that if I had gotten the abortion I would have hated him for the rest of my life, and his response was "you don't hate me?"

We have a ... unique relationship, to say the least.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What better way to spend a sunny afternoon