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Updates from the Faerie Cafe

What I've been up to lately 

Let's see the magazine I'm working for was officially released this week. I got my print copy yesterday, and am super excited for the next issue. Already have two photo shoots lined up.

AJ started kindergarten! Which means a full day of school and he still comes home and wants to go immediately to the park. Ariel has been getting upset she wants to go on the bus with him.

My fitbit flex band broke, so if you have been wondering about my non-activity that's why. I am waiting for the replacement to be shipped. Meanwhile my mom has been being crafty and making fancy dress fitbit bands.

I lost two more inches off my waist! Huzzah for my belly shrinking.

Been talking and dreaming about a future that I'm really excited and happy about. Things are good and I'm glad to have someone that understands me.

I also set up my short stories as a Kindle ebook! 

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Back to School Project {Blurb}

Celebrate Back to School with a Great Classroom Project

(sponsored post)

Now that all the little ones are heading back to school, it’s a good time to think about classroom projects to keep them busy (and entertained). I came across this article about a teacher who made a custom book with her entire class. It’s a clever activity, easier than you’d think, and a fun way to bring a diverse group of students together—and create a lovely souvenir of the year. Check it out! And, if you buy now, new customers can save 20% off photobooks at Blurb with the code SEPT20%!

This post contains affiliate links.

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Queen of the Sea #MermaidMonday

via deviantART
Hail to thee
Mistress of the waves

Hail to thee
Siren of the song

Hail to thee
Queen of the sea

I follow the sea, I feel the waves, the current pulls me
The ebb and flow of the sea
It is my guide, my queen

Free writing by me


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The Burning of Kingston {Local Event}


A Competition Inspired by the Historic Significance Behind the City

(New York, NY) Tuesday, August 26, 2014 – With a name inspired by an intense moment from the Revolutionary War as it happened in Kingston, New York (as the Red Coats marched out of Kingston in 1777, they burned much of the city down), Mass Appeal, with support from Red Bull, is hosting “The Burning of Kingston“ – a live graffiti exhibition and battle that will happen on the exterior of an authentic subway car.  Taking place on September 13th at the Trolley Museum of New York in Kingston, eight insanely gifted graffiti artists will come together to battle for bragging rights and recognition inside of the rich culture of “writing” and beyond.   Inside of writing culture, a “burner” is a superior work of art. What started out as friendly competition by New York City kids during a period when the city itself was on the verge of bankruptcy has now morphed into a global language and art form with many dialects worldwide.

The competition features world-renowned graffiti artists including T-Kid, CES, Doves, Ribs, Dero, Bio, Doc TC-5, Revolt, Dmote, Cycle and YES 2. The eight artists will be split into two teams, and they’ll be going head to head to create a unique “burner” in five hours. An esteemed panel of judges will select the winning team.

Curated by Sacha Jenkins, Creative Director of Mass Appeal, and noted artist and historian David “Chino” Villorente, the all-day event will attract scores of graffiti/street art enthusiasts. The event will also feature local vendors, live music and a books signing by Henry Chalfant and Sacha Jenkins in support of their new book, Training Days: The Subway Artists Then and Now.

“The Burning of Kingston” will be free and open to the public on September 13 from 12-6pm at The Trolley Museum of New York (89 East Strand, Kingston, NY 12402.)

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#MermaidMonday on a Tuesday

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Please Don't {The Dating Game}

Sorry I have been busy with work for a magazine go like it Dulcelina Magazine Facebook

As you all know, well hopefully know, I am single, perputally single I like to say. I was thinking for a while of coming up with some new blog posts linked to that. I finally got around to writing it down to make myself remember so welcome all to the

Faerie Barista Dating Game

My number one most hated question I get is "So do you date black guys?" I'm always asked this by a black or African-American gentleman and my response is "I don't care if you are purple."

I actually don't care at all what color you are, what race, ethnicity, etc. What I do care about is being asked that question. Why? Because it makes me feel uncomfortable. You are not a black guy, you are a guy. A guy who I thought was attractive or funny or smart or whatever that made me actually talk with you. But once you ask me that question I immediately lose interest. I feel and even Morgan Freeman has stated the same, that if we keep acknowledging a different we make one. We are all one race as far as I'm concerned the human race.

PS technically I'm biracial as I am part Cherokee, and my daughter is half Puerto Rican. I really don't care what you are as long as I like you. 

Which then leads into that I am pansexual. Meaning I love who I love. I don't care their gender, sexual orientation, I just plain old like/love who I like/love. I'm attracted to the person.

So then I get asked "So you're bi right?" No I am not bisexual, if I was I would have said so, I'm pansexual. "What's the difference?" Bisexuals like both male and female, because they are attracted to both male and female. I on the other hand am just attracted to what I like, not the gender.

"So you just like to have sex, not really date then huh?"

HELL NO! While yes I do enjoy sex, very much so. I love to date, I love romance even though I'm an incredible idiot that giggles and goes what you mean you like me, I still love romance.

Once we get over the hurdle of my sexual preference, it then moves to the couple question. "So my girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/etc really wants to try a threesome would you be interested?" No. I'm sorry. First off that is not a play thing, I don't just be like oh threesome yeah! Or so sex let's do it. I want more than that. So unless I am your wife/girlfriend/etc don't bother asking me about that, cause it's out of the question.

Then we get the random "Oh I'm bi-curious too." No you are an idiot. I'm not bi-curious. I am pansexual. There is no such thing as bi-curious, you are just doing it to make guys think you are cool. I mean have you ever heard of a homosexual saying "I'm straight-curious" no because it's ridiculous. Or the ever so popular, "this is just a phase" no it's not. It is who I am. It was how I was born. Is your heterosexuality a phase? No then why in the hell would mine be a phase? Again you are an idiot, move on.

"Do you do this for attention?" Yes I completely want the attention of being attracted to a member of the same gender of me because we are oh so nice to homosexuals. No you are an idiot. I do this because, bare with me, it is WHO I AM.

"When you find the right man you will settle down and stop this craziness." Ok now you are half right here. Yes I said half right. When I find the right PERSON I will settle down. I will not be constantly looking for a girlfriend if I have a boyfriend, or vice versa. If I'm with someone I am with them because they are who I am attracted to, who I love, who I care about. Now this person may or may not be a male, or a female, or a transgender, or who knows, because I haven't met them yet.

And then we come to my favorite question. "What are you teaching your children?"

You want to know what I am teaching my children? I am teaching them that loves comes in all forms. That love isn't based on what is between someone's legs. I am teaching them that I won't condemn them for loving whoever they love. I am teaching them to be themselves. And that is the best lesson I can teach them.

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