Please Don't {The Dating Game}

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As you all know, well hopefully know, I am single, perputally single I like to say. I was thinking for a while of coming up with some new blog posts linked to that. I finally got around to writing it down to make myself remember so welcome all to the

Faerie Barista Dating Game

My number one most hated question I get is "So do you date black guys?" I'm always asked this by a black or African-American gentleman and my response is "I don't care if you are purple."

I actually don't care at all what color you are, what race, ethnicity, etc. What I do care about is being asked that question. Why? Because it makes me feel uncomfortable. You are not a black guy, you are a guy. A guy who I thought was attractive or funny or smart or whatever that made me actually talk with you. But once you ask me that question I immediately lose interest. I feel and even Morgan Freeman has stated the same, that if we keep acknowledging a different we make one. We are all one race as far as I'm concerned the human race.

PS technically I'm biracial as I am part Cherokee, and my daughter is half Puerto Rican. I really don't care what you are as long as I like you. 

Which then leads into that I am pansexual. Meaning I love who I love. I don't care their gender, sexual orientation, I just plain old like/love who I like/love. I'm attracted to the person.

So then I get asked "So you're bi right?" No I am not bisexual, if I was I would have said so, I'm pansexual. "What's the difference?" Bisexuals like both male and female, because they are attracted to both male and female. I on the other hand am just attracted to what I like, not the gender.

"So you just like to have sex, not really date then huh?"

HELL NO! While yes I do enjoy sex, very much so. I love to date, I love romance even though I'm an incredible idiot that giggles and goes what you mean you like me, I still love romance.

Once we get over the hurdle of my sexual preference, it then moves to the couple question. "So my girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/etc really wants to try a threesome would you be interested?" No. I'm sorry. First off that is not a play thing, I don't just be like oh threesome yeah! Or so sex let's do it. I want more than that. So unless I am your wife/girlfriend/etc don't bother asking me about that, cause it's out of the question.

Then we get the random "Oh I'm bi-curious too." No you are an idiot. I'm not bi-curious. I am pansexual. There is no such thing as bi-curious, you are just doing it to make guys think you are cool. I mean have you ever heard of a homosexual saying "I'm straight-curious" no because it's ridiculous. Or the ever so popular, "this is just a phase" no it's not. It is who I am. It was how I was born. Is your heterosexuality a phase? No then why in the hell would mine be a phase? Again you are an idiot, move on.

"Do you do this for attention?" Yes I completely want the attention of being attracted to a member of the same gender of me because we are oh so nice to homosexuals. No you are an idiot. I do this because, bare with me, it is WHO I AM.

"When you find the right man you will settle down and stop this craziness." Ok now you are half right here. Yes I said half right. When I find the right PERSON I will settle down. I will not be constantly looking for a girlfriend if I have a boyfriend, or vice versa. If I'm with someone I am with them because they are who I am attracted to, who I love, who I care about. Now this person may or may not be a male, or a female, or a transgender, or who knows, because I haven't met them yet.

And then we come to my favorite question. "What are you teaching your children?"

You want to know what I am teaching my children? I am teaching them that loves comes in all forms. That love isn't based on what is between someone's legs. I am teaching them that I won't condemn them for loving whoever they love. I am teaching them to be themselves. And that is the best lesson I can teach them.

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Doing What's Best

Doing what's best even when it breaks your heart.

Moon in a Cup is my photography business

As a parent you know there are some pretty tough times, and rough choices to make. As a single parent you have double the tough times, double the rough choices. And most of the time those choices will break your heart.

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